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These are scary times.

There’s no way around admitting that, but there is one ironic piece of mercy that Coronavirus has given us.

Unlike most problems, this one is best fixed by avoiding it.

That’s right: thanks to social distancing, the best thing you could do to solve this problem is to stay at home, mess around online and listen to music.

Fortunately, I have a tip to help—OneOdio headphones.

I own these OneOdio headphones and they’re pretty terrific.

Longtime fans(?) might remember I praised some BeatsPro headphones on this very site. And I stand by that review.

But, different headphones serve different purposes.

My BeatsPro headphones do a great job for commutes and for working out. However, while I am currently avoiding both those activities, it gives my OneOdio headphones a chance to shine.

These $36 OneOdio over-ear headphones are heavy-duty: strong, capable, and resistant. I have stepped on them(!) amidst my messy floor and had them bounce back with no problem.

They’re big, sturdy and strong but oddly comforting. The actual ear padding is gentle and evokes a memory-foam sort of pillow. It doesn’t put pressure on you, nor does it retain sweat. That makes it an ideal choice for when you need to hunker down—for WFH, movies, or sound work.

Let’s Talk About the Sound

The fidelity here is pretty terrific. With these headphones, you get better and more balanced sound-quality and depth. The over-ear approach feels more immersive: sometimes smaller headphones get tinny. These, in comparison, are flowing.

The difference is especially present for me in any music with layered instrumentals. While some headphones can overproduce the bass, these headphones bring a balance that lets you dive deeper into layers. With these, you’re able to really bask in subtleties.

Illustration for article titled Hide From the World With These Over-Ear Headphones
Graphic: Gabe Carey

The hardware is equally useful. While these aren’t technically soundproof, they do provide a solid muffling effect. The cushion isn’t just comfortable for your ear: it also protects your musical experience at home.

Wire-length is also an unexpected plus: these headphones have an unusually long plug-in wire for length and flexibility, which is the sort of thing you notice and appreciate when you’re lounging around.

And, while designed for laptop use, you can hack the hardware for a measly $8 by throwing in this iPhone connector dongle. I strongly recommend it: that little extra add-in is going to give you a lot more use and value out of these already terrific headphones.

Together, both products come to about $40, giving you a personal and long-lasting home soundscape option––no batteries or charging required.

So, give some love to big, unwieldy home-headphones: they’re impossible to lose and impossible not to love.


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