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When you think of what it costs to get fast delivery through Amazon Prime, you probably think of the annual membership for $119. And that might just be too high for you. I know that annual fee made me stop and think about whether the service was worth it as soon as it inched up over that $100 mark last year. But keep in mind that you can pay for Prime monthly instead of plunking down for a whole year.


When I updated Lifehacker’s post about whether it’s worth it to get Amazon Prime recently, commenter Noskferatu had this to say about their attempts to spend less on Prime:

We just started paying for month here and there when we’ve got a lot going on and don’t want to go places to shop and ya know, interact.

Seems to work out and keep me out of the 120/yr range.. more like $50

Prime fans don’t need this tip. They’re too busy telling me why they love Prime.

But people who have never had Prime, or canceled Prime and miss it just a little bit (raises hand) might love this.


If you pay for Prime on a monthly basis, you pay $12.99. If you’re a student, you pay $6.49 per month. If you have an EBT or Medicaid card, you can get it for $5.99 per month.

Get it for just a month when you’re moving and know you’ll need lots of small odds and ends that are often hard to find at stores. Get it for a month when your car is in the shop and getting to the store is harder. Get it for a month when you order holiday gifts!


And then cancel it when you don’t need it anymore.

It’s not impossible to get by without Amazon Prime by batching your orders so they hit the $25 minimum to be shipped for free. But for those times when you want your purchases fast and know you’ll be ordering at least three or four times in a month, it may be worth it to plunk down the monthly membership fee.


Just don’t forget to end your membership before it auto-renews.

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