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Much has been made of how ugly we’ll be when we’re finally able to emerge from isolation. Without haircuts or color, and manicures or pedicures, and tanning of any sort, yeah, our good looks are likely to take a hit.

But, if I may, I would like us all to resolve that during this period of confinement, we will do everything in our power to not let our feet turn to hooves. Instead, let’s take this time to address the state of our feet and make some minor to major improvements.

Foot Creams

This post is inspired by my own renewed commitment to using the overly thick foot cream my hooven heels require to not be so hooven. It’s incredible stuff and the only reason I don’t use it more frequently is that it requires me to wear socks and I HATE socks. (Don’t even ask.)

I personally find a tube to be a less messy delivery system for these types of creams, but if you prefer a jar moment, this is a good one (creams with the ingredient urea are excellent at softening and healing very dry, cracked skin).

They’re harder to find, but roll-on heel balms are available and those are WAY less messy to apply.

Special Socks

You don’t need special socks to use with thick foot creams, but there are reasons why you may want a pair. If, for example, you’re a person who HATES socks (what kind of weirdo hates socks?!?) these are a good happy medium between covering your lotion-y feet and leaving them somewhat unfettered.

Toe socks *shudder* can help with lotion absorption by enclosing each toe, which is especially helpful for people using creams to treat athlete’s foot between the toes.

Socks that come with a treatment already in them are also available!

Foot Soaks

Soaks are great for relieving tired, sore, achy feet, and for softening rough heels, callouses, and corns. Johnson’s Foot Soap is the OG foot soak.

Epsom salt soaks are also popular, and can be found in all sorts of scents, like coconut lime or tropical mango.

Or perhaps you’d like something in peppermint?

If you get really into things, you might want a dedicated foot soaking basin.

Foot Peels

Foot peels are the big guns, and the inspiration for this whole thing: The peeling process is no joke — it’s so so so gnarly, honestly. But as long as we’re not going out and about in the world, why not take this time to engage in some gnarly treatments?

Baby Foot is the most well-known of the foot peels, but there are other options too, in the event there’s a run on Baby Foot because everyone has the same idea I had.


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