Newegg Black November Sale | Newegg
Newegg Black November Sale | Newegg
Image: Newegg

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Newegg Black November Sale | Newegg

You’ve probably heard someone over the years say “Every time I buy an iPhone, Apple announces a new one a week later.” That feeling of just missing a better deal, whether it’s an upgraded model that’s just come out, or a steep discount on that pricey gadget that’s been sitting on your wishlist for too wrong, is a real bummer.

Sometimes, you may just have to stomach that feeling of being duped if you’ve already pulled the trigger, but Newegg’s new Black November program lets you secure your most-wanted gizmos without having to worry that deals season will bring forth a better discount you can’t take advantage of. With the program, you can buy anything from the sale’s landing page and be sure that, should a better deal come along, you’ll automatically get a refund for the difference in price. It’s a kind of clunky solution, but savings are savings nonetheless.

This deal might sound too good to be true, so there’s a few things worth considering. The program lasts through November 22, so there’s no accounting for any potential deals after that, and your refund may not be processed until December 7, so budget accordingly and don’t count on having that extra spending money right away. That said, if the price goes down multiple times, you won’t have to worry about getting incremental refunds, so the discounts will all be lumped into one payment. Again, kinda clunky, but not something you need to worry about too much.

Some eligible products have a grey badge to indicate they’re part of the program, while others have orange text that’s easier to miss.
Some eligible products have a grey badge to indicate they’re part of the program, while others have orange text that’s easier to miss.
Image: Jordan McMahon

Be careful, though, because not every eligible product has the big grey badge letting you know it’s protected; some simply have some orange text that’s deceptively easy to miss.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 Months)

Additionally, this only applies to products with the “Price Protection” badge, and there’s no way to know if there will actually be any additional discounts, so keep that in mind as you’re doing your holiday shopping.

If that’s all well and good, there’s some solid products you can snag right now, and the discounts are good enough that you won’t be too miffed if a steeper discount doesn’t roll by. You can grab this 32″ 720p Samsung TV for about $150, and while you won’t be getting the crispiest playback, that won’t matter too much if you’re mostly watching reruns of Kitchen Nightmares. Bose’s QuietComfort 35 headphones are $100 off, bringing them down to $200. The company’s SoundLink Color II wireless speaker, which comes in some nifty colors, is also $30 off right now. If you’re looking for some extra pixels to stare at, LG’s Ultrawide 34″ 3440 x 1440 monitor is down from $900 to $600, which isn’t too bad for the real estate you’re getting.


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