If you asked me last month, I’d have said that I’m part of a small-yet-mighty cadre of workers who hangs in their house all day, metaphorically tied to a laptop and desk. But today, it could be argued that I’m one of the masses who are now calling home and work the same place.

And, not only are we all setting up shop in our houses, but grocery stores are literally running out of food. It’s a weird world out there, folks. I’m not sure I can do much of anything about the global pandemic (aside from that social distancing thing) but I can help you on the work-from-home snack front. You see, as avid hikers and backpackers, my husband and I have a perma-stash of trail snacks stowed away in our garage. From time to time, I’ve been known to wander out there and consume one or two (or 12) trail snacks in lieu of a standard lunch. #SorryNotSorry

What’s this mean for you? I can help suss out which trail snacks are worth your time and calories while you bang away on your laptop. Below, I’ve included my six favorite hiking goodies that taste just as good in your kitchen as they do in the wild. You’re welcome.

Honey Stinger Organic Waffles – Caramel

If there was one trail snack to rule them all, I’d vote on these waffles. Packed with ooey-gooey honey infused with caramel and sandwiched between two thin waffles, these are easily my go-to snack option any day of the week (which is why my husband has to hide them from me). Pro tip: Settle into your desk with a cup of coffee a a waffle. Then, let the waffle sit on top of the hot mug for a few minutes so that the steamy warmth softens the treat. Mmm mmm, good.

Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews

We have a toddler so fruit snacks are aplenty ‘round these parts. But, if you’re looking for the adult version, take a gander at these chews by Skratch. The brand describes these as a “candy gumdrop” which is perfectly accurate. They are also free of everything (gluten free, dairy free, and vegan) so they fit most diet preferences. And finally, the main event: they don’t stick to your teeth like so many other chews. YES.

Munk Pac Keto Granola Bar

Graphic: Gabe Carey

I don’t follow a keto diet, but I feel like most of the planet does. If you fit into that demographic, three cheers for you— now go eat all of these Munk Pack bars. Basically, these taste exactly like those delicious chocolate chip granola bars you used to eat in elementary school but can’t really get away with as an adult. Only now, they’re healthy with only one gram of sugar, two grams of net carbs, and five grams of protein. Totes acceptable.

ProBar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Meal Bar

Graphic: Gabe Carey

On those days where you need a quick lunch before hopping on a conference call, snag a ProBar Meal Bar. Packed with 400 calories and 11 grams of protein, these bars are easy meal replacements when you’re feeling mega time crunched. (Bonus: no mess to clean up either.) I mean, I wouldn’t suggest eating one for lunch every day because you kinda need some vegetables in the mix, but you do you.

Luna Bar Lemonzest + Blueberry Mashup

Graphic: Gabe Carey

Ooooh boy. I first tried this flavor recently and I was blown away at how tasty these are! If you love fruity desserts like lemon meringue or lemon-blueberry cheesecake, you’ll die for this Luna Bar Mashup combo. Jammed with lemon, blueberry, and vanilla flavors topped with organic rolled oats, it’s like a delicious explosion in your mouth.

Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled – Chocolate Hazelnut

Truth time: thanks to my broke-as-a-joke college years, I swore off Clif Bars in my thirties. I’d eaten so many of them that I could barely look at another Clif bar without turning green. But then, Clif created these nut butter-filled slabs of wonder and my life was changed. The outside of the bar is like a traditional Clif concoction but the inside is filled with a chocolate hazelnut wonder that remind me of a Gusher, only way better. Give it a try, then report back.


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